FAQs: Karma

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What is a karma?

Karma measures the value of your contributions to this site. There are three different flavors of karma, each measuring a different facet of your online repurtation:

  • ForeKarma: accuracy of your forecasts
  • PeerKarma: esteem of your peers
  • CivKarma: support of this site and its community

Where can I see my karma?

On the karma page under your profile: user karma page.

You can also see your most recent karma awards on that page.

What is ForeKarma?

You gain ForeKarma for your forecasts. The more accuracte your forecast, the most points you earn.

What is PeerKarma?

You earn PeerKarma when other users upvote your predictions or comments. (You lose them when they downvote them.)

What is CivKarma?

You earn CivKarma for actions that support the ForeKarma site and its community.

How is the ForeKarma award calculated for a forecast?

Your karma is calculated based on your last forecast before the forecast deadline.

You receive a score between 0 and 100 points based on your forecast. If the prediction is true, then your score is the likelihood you attached to your last forecast. If it is false, then the score is 100 - your-last-forecast. (So if you forecast 0, your score would be 100.)

For your ForeKarma award, the score is then pro-rated by the number of days in the prediction's forecast window. The baseline is 30 days. So if your forecast score was 70 and the prediction forecast window was 3 days, your ForeKarma award would be 70 * (3 / 30), or 7 out of a maximum 10.

If the forecast window was 60 days and your forecast score was 70, you would receive an award of 70 * (60 / 30) or 140.

What is a prediction's max karma?

Each prediction has a maximum number of ForeKarma points it can award for forecasts. This number is based on the number of days in its forecast window. A prediction with a 30-day window has a max karma of 100. The max karma of other predictions is calculated against this base rate as follows:

round(100 * days-in-forecast-window / 30)

So, for example, a prediction with a 15-day window would offer a max karma of 50.

What can I do with my karma?

You can brag all about it. Shout it from the rooftops. You earned it. Just don't spend it all in one place.

You may also gain additional site privileges based on your karma.

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