About ForeKarma

Put your karma where your mouth is.

Ever watch cable news or, worse, cable financial news? Or, perhaps worst of all, cable sports news? See one of those talking heads confidently pontificating about how the world is while casually tossing off predictions about how it's going to be in the indeterminate future?

Yeah, that bugs us, too. Not so much the bombastic claims and reckless overconfidence. But the fact that no one ever seems to follow up on these claims and see how accurate they turned out to be. Well, every once in a while somebody does.

This site was created with the objective of holding pundits and experts accountable. You can record their predictions, forecasts, and prognostications here so that they can be judged and tracked.

But it has another goal, perhaps even a more ambitious one: to make you a more skilled forecaster. Using this site won't necessarily make you an expert or pundit ready to spout off on CNN or Fox News. But it should make you a more critical judge of those who claim they are.

Ready to give it a try?

We suggest you start with our FAQs page.

Then complete the Coin Flip tutorial.

After that, try a few forecasts of your own.

At that point, you should be ready to jump in with both feet. Make your own predictions, find and submit predictions by pundits, and become a part of the ForeKarma community.