Not a prediction marketplace. A prediction bazaar.

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It's Sort of Like Reddit or CNBC with Accountability

The internet is a great place to have an opinion. But wouldn't it be nice to see some of these opinions objectively evaluated and scored? Welcome to ForeKarma.

Most prediction sites limit you to betting or forecasting on the predictions of others. On ForeKarma, you can forecast the predictions of others. But you can also make your own predictions. And you can put pundits and media talking heads on the record.

ForeKarma is still under development right now as we prepare for our public beta release. Keep an eye on this page for previews of the new site. If you have a Google account and would like to participate in our ongoing user trials, please login using the button above.

If you have questions or suggestions, you are welcome to email us at

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Is there a loudmouth on TV tossing off election picks or throwing around stock market predictions who you'd like to put on the record?

Or maybe it's a newspaper columnist or blogger you read who you think deserves more credit for their thoughtful analysis of events?

Submit their name in the form below and we can start tracking their predictions.

Not sure who or what a pundit is. See our FAQ page on pundits.